About the Church on the Hill

We invite you to be part of what God is doing at Trinity Baptist Church! Our historic church has been ministering to the River Oaks community on the northwest side of Fort Worth for over 100 years. We partner with a local Spanish-speaking church, Iglesia La Viña de Señor de Señores, to better embrace the growing community around us. One God, two congregations, and a three-fold purpose: honor Christ, build up our members, and share Christ’s love with our neighbors.

God comes first.

We take worship seriously. We take prayer seriously. And we take the study of God’s Word seriously. We want to celebrate God’s goodness and honor him in everything we do.

Fellowship and spiritual growth are important to us.

We are a loving church. Those who walk through our doors aren’t just people—they’re family. We take care of each other and pray for each other. We want to help each other grow in Christ and use our gifts for Christ’s kingdom. Whether it’s at church, in our homes, or out in the community, we consider fellowship, prayer, and group Bible study an integral part of church life.

We want to share Christ’s love with the world, starting with the people living next door.

We generously support missions and we want to see the lost come to Christ and grow in him. We’ve been involved in various efforts to care for the needs of those in our community, including providing groceries for poor families and free English classes for immigrants.